Privacy Policy

We collect your personal data, including your first and last name, telephone number and email address, only when you register through one of our forms. This data will be sent to our real estate and mortgage broker clients in order to respond to your request.

When you visit our website, or the websites or online services on which we display advertising, we collect data relating to your activities that does not identify you personally or directly. This information may include the content you view, the date and time you view that content, the products you purchase, or information about your location, through your IP address. We use the information we collect to deliver more relevant advertising to you (a technique called “retargeting”). We collect information about the site where you have seen the advertisements we serve to you and the advertisement that you clicked on.

When you browse and other websites, the online advertising networks with which we collaborate may place anonymous cookies (cookies) on your computer and use similar technologies in order to understand your interests from your (anonymous) online activities, thereby providing you with more relevant advertising. If you do not wish to receive these personalized advertisements, you can visit this page to no longer be targeted by most of the companies that engage in this type of advertising activity. This will not prevent you from viewing advertisements, but they simply will not be displayed as part of these retargeting methods.

We do not provide targeted advertising based on sensitive personal information, including information relating to your color or ethnicity, political opinions, religious or other beliefs of a similar nature, trade union membership, health or your physical or mental condition, or your sexual preferences. We can only offer you targeted advertising based on data provided by advertisers or partners or by combining it with data that we collect ourselves. All data used to deliver targeted advertising is anonymized and is not used for the purpose of personally or directly identifying you.

In order to reach a relevant audience, we work with external advertising companies (our “advertising partners”), who help us recognize you and serve you relevant advertising when you visit a website or online service in their network. We also work with advertising partners to better recognize you on different devices and deliver relevant advertising to you. Our advertising partners may collect information about your activities on our website and other websites or online services in their networks. We also work with external companies who provide us with web analytics tools, including evaluating the use and functioning of our website, so that we can continually improve the website and our services.

We and our external partners use session cookies and persistent cookies to facilitate your navigation and enhance your user experience on our site, as well as to monitor and evaluate the functioning and use of our website.

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